Innovation in Smart Modular Manufacturing

Horton Global Industries is a holding company focused on technologically advanced modular manufacturing incorporating smart technology. This smart technology is used in both commercial and residential modular builds, Trailer/RV/Fleet builds, next generation Command Center builds, stand alone educational units and more. The smart technology is also used in the renovation within hotels, office buildings, hospitals and medical offices.

Below you can find out more about our brands, subsidiaries and products:


Spartan Modular Technologies is a technology company that is revolutionizing how construction is done today via next generation modular construction. Spartan is in the business of manufacturing smart technology modular builds for both residential and commercial purposes, these builds incorporate green technology to achieve Net Zero Standards as well as other next generation smart technology. Spartan via their parent company Horton Global Industries works closely with developers, governments and land owners in the development of affordable, middle market and high end modular homes. As well as both small and large scale commercial projects all incorporating innovative smart technology modular construction. This is both domestically and internationally.
The path of Spartan Modular Technologies in the smart technology modular manufacturing industry is one of true innovation and technology. The Trailer/RV/Command Center industries are hungry for the next generation of models and Spartan will be working hand in hand with Fortis American Brands to implement our proprietary technology into the new builds in late 2017 , this will become an asset to individual trailer as well as fleet owners.  With our partners we will be offering affordable component parts globally to dealers and individual owners. For Spartan this was a natural progression as diversification was the goal. The growth and innovation that we adhere to will be continued as we head into the new technological age by incorporating green technology and innovation into the Spartan Modular Technologies modular units and the Fortis American Brands Trailer/RV/Command Center units.

Next Generation Trailers & Mobile Units


Fortis American Brands is in the business of manufacturing technology driven trailers, mobile units, command centers, fleet trailers, customized trailers of all sizes and in 2018 Fortis will introduce a line of next generation trailers, mobile units, command centers, fleet trailers and introduce a new line of recreational vehicles and campers.
The Fortis story will be one of growth and innovation, utilizing technology to not only advance the trailer and hauler industry but to change how trailers are made in general. With strategic expansion being made nationally, it will give Fortis a competitive advantage as well as reduce wait times for deliveries.
Being a part of the Falcon Global Acquisitions family of companies gives Fortis access to the latest proprietary technology being used by Spartan Modular Technologies in their modular units. This will allow Fortis to manufacture units that will stand the test of time.

Innovating The Modular, Trailer & RV Industries